Travis Shirley Live Design has quickly gained recognition worldwide for it’s fresh, new perspective on all aspects of lighting, set and video design. Headed by award-winning lighting designer Travis Shirley, the Houston-based company provides concept design for events of all sizes – from concerts and tours, television programs, high profile gatherings and fashion shows. By spearheading a show’s overall conceptual view, Travis Shirley Live Design guarantees smooth and easy integration of all the elements which make productions come to life.

Travis builds a team for each event tailoring creative and technical talent to the project at hand. To ensure cost-effective execution, which is front-of-mind for every producer today, he offers clients pre-visualizations of the event and walks them through renderings of the final production before any nail is hammered or any light is hung.

Growing up backstage at concerts and at recording studios, Travis was destined for a career in lighting design from an early age. He developed his natural instincts at Full Sail University and honed his skills at Bandit Lights before launching Travis Shirley Live Design in 2004.

Travis is known for his innovative work on multiple tours for Disturbed, Celtic Woman, Buckcherry and Rufus Wainwright as well as world tours for Smashing Pumpkins and DVD and television shoots for Enrique Iglesias.

When producers partner with Travis they know he will live up to his promise to deliver the best in original, forward-thinking design.